Monday, January 30, 2012

Book Review: Daily Guidance From Your Angels, by Doreen Virtue

Daily Guidance From Your Angels: 365 Angelic Messages To Soothe, Heal, and Open Your Heart
Doreen Virtue
Trade Paperback, 400 pages
Hay House
October 1, 2007
Genre: Non-Fiction, Metaphysical, New Age
Source: Purchased from Amazon

The author of this book, Doreen Virtue, is well-known in metaphysical circles for her psychic skills.  According to her, this is a channeled work, which means that she did not actually write any of the material contained in the book, except for the introduction.  Instead, she received the messages from the angels, transcribing and then publishing them in book form.  Although I must confess to some skepticism in this regard, I can say that this is a very beautiful book, full of inspiring thoughts and practical advice.   It's also a very spiritual one, with entries that deal with such things as making time to commune with God, blessing everyone one meets, and letting go of one's past painful memories.   Reading positive, beautiful thoughts like these is sure to shift one's negative moods.  Despondency and anger gently transmute to peace and serene joy as one absorbs these messages.

This is not a book to be read in one or even two sittings.  Indeed, the book doesn't have to be read sequentially, or even finished, because one never does finish it!  Instead, the reader can come back to refresh the spirit time and time again, dwelling especially on those messages that are most appropriate at the moment. 

The reader can, of course, take one message per day to read, mull over, and internalize.  Each message comes with a beautiful affirmation that sums up the theme of the message.  This affirmation can be memorized or copied on an index card to be carried around during the day, being pulled out from time to time in order to refresh the message in one's mind. 

The book can also be used as a divination tool, so to speak.  For instance, one can sit in silence for a few minutes, holding a specific question or issue in mind, and then open the book at random.  Whenever I have done this, I have found that the resulting message (or messages, if the ones on each facing page have similar themes) was just what I needed to be aware of at that precise point. 

I have several copies of this book -- one of them is the hardcover version of this edition, another is the paperback.  I also have the gift edition, shown below.  I even have the Spanish translation, which I'm currently dipping into for some much-needed peace of mind.  So that's four copies of this book!  I might buy more, too, because, since I literally live inside a library (well, an apartment, but there are so many books in it it might as well be a library...), I don't always have a book at hand just when I most want it! 

I do have the Spanish-language edition with me right now, so I can give readers some idea of the beautiful things contained in this book, translated back into English. 

Here are some of the message titles: "Find Light in the Darkness" (message #14), "Speak to Yourself with Loving Words" (message #19), "Be an Example of Peace" (message #21), "Give Your Worries to God" (message #31), "Polish the Jewels in your Innermost Thoughts" (message #33), "Change Negative Energy to Positive Energy" (message #35), "Express Your Feelings in Creative Ways" (message #78), "Be Aware of Your Thoughts" (message #79), and many other beautiful ones.

I have found this wonderful book especially useful whenever I have felt depressed because of a disagreement with someone, whether at home or at work.  All I have to do is open this book to a random page, or leaf through it until I find the perfect message, and start reading.  After reading through a given message once, I re-read it at least twice more, sounding the words out slowly in my mind.  Doing this invariably calms me.   I then go to the affirmation at the bottom of the page, which I frequently copy out in a small notebook that I like to carry around with me from time to time. 

One of the really soothing things about this book is the great number of messages related to self-esteem.  There are so many of them, with titles like "Pamper Yourself" (message #5), "Be Patient with Yourself" (message 8), "Be Aware that You are a Blessing to the World" (message #12), "Give Your Imagination Free Rein" (message #58), and many others.

Although some of the messages contain typical New Age ideas that I as a Christian may not totally agree with, I have found quite a few that do resonate with Christian values.  So I adhere to those that do, and discard the rest.  Readers who belong to other faiths will still feel uplifted when reading these positive, peaceful thoughts, since the themes of self-esteem, love, peace, creative expression, and blessing one's fellow human beings are universal ones, after all.

I highly recommend this book as a wonderful spiritual tool to help one achieve and maintain a state of calm serenity in the face of all the stress and crazy-making going on in the world!


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