About Me/Contact

Welcome to MindSpirit Book Journeys! My name is Maria Behar, and I am known as an inveterate bookworm and bibliophile.  You might have visited my other blog, A Night's Dream of Books, which is dedicated mostly to YA paranormal romance and urban fantasy, although I also review other genres, including New Adult Fiction and adult fiction.   

This blog, MindSpirit Book Journeys, highlights my more intellectual, spiritual, self.  Through this medium, I review more serious genres, such as classics and literary fiction. 

I also review nonfiction books that have not only piqued my curiosity, but have also stretched my intellectual, aesthetic, and spiritual horizons.  From time to time, I include articles/musings, as well.  

I certainly hope you'll join me in this exciting reading adventure, contributing your thoughts on the topics and books I write about!

If you'd like to contact me, you may do so at the email address below. Please do NOT contact me with unsolicited promotional requests, such as reviews, interviews, etc. I am just too busy at present, and am unable to accommodate such requests. Thank you!

I hope you enjoy my blog! Have a wonderful day!