Thursday, September 6, 2012

For The Love of Books

 "You fall in love with every book you touch. You never break the spine or tear the pages. That would be cruel. You have secret favorites but, when asked, you say that you could never choose. But did you know that books fall in love with you, too? "

The quote above is from an essay written by an author I have recently re-discovered. The title is "Just So You Know". The author's name is Sarah Addison Allen.

I had seen one of Allen's novels in a Barnes & Noble store about two years ago, and made a mental note to purchase the book later. The book's title is Garden Spells. I had somehow forgotten the book and its author, however. Inexcusable behavior for an inveterate bookworm like me! In a rather serendipitous manner, the book has now gotten my attention again, and I now know I am meant to buy it. How else can I make sense of this little coincidence?