Friday, July 7, 2017

Book Blogger Hop No. 5: Why I Love Reading, in One Sentence

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This Week's Question

In one sentence, describe your
passion for reading.

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My Answer

In times fondly remembered, in the long afternoons of an idyllic childhood, I first beheld The Book, that beautiful, spellbinding creation of the human mind and spirit that has been bringing me endless hours of delight ever since, and thereby giving meaning to my otherwise humdrum existence, which, I must confess, I have been forced to dwell in because of the necessity of MAKING A LIVING; wherefore, with the greatest interest and single-minded focus, I have long endeavored to consume as many of these wonderful things called "books" as humanly possible, since, after all, I cannot consider myself as properly living unless I am consuming, and being consumed by, a great book, which of course, will not only NOT fail to entertain me, but also bring me hours of diving into other realities that I wish were my own, so, if not for this wonderfully fascinating, exhilarating, relaxing, and intellectually stimulating activity, I would definitely not consider myself to be alive at all, and this, naturally, would not please me one iota, because living life to the fullest, for us bookworms, is simply to engage our minds, hearts, bodies, and souls in the utter perusal and immersion in a book that will not only give us glimpses of other worlds, but also provide us with that joie de vivre that makes life worthwhile for a genuine bookworm, of which, I might add, I fervently consider myself to be one, inasmuch as it is undoubtedly true that books and I have had a long, fruitful relationship together for many years, and we are not currently contemplating, nor will we ever contemplate, separation or divorce, inasmuch as we all love each other madly, gloriously, and intensely, in one great burst of joyous dancing and intense, bibliophilic ecstasy.

I rest my case. : )
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