Friday, December 30, 2016

Book Blogger Hop No. 1: Reading Classics as a New Year's Resolution

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This Week's Question

Your New Year's Resolution is to
read a classic novel that you have
never read before. What book
will it be?

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My Answer

This is my first time participating in the hop with this blog, which is dedicated to classics, literary fiction, and nonfiction. I have decided to answer this question here because my other blog, A Night's Dream of Books, deals with Young Adult Fiction, paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and other popular genres.

I have been wanting to read some classic novels for quite some time, but just haven't seemed to be able to get around to it. The thing is, I have eclectic reading tastes (which is why I have two blogs, although I don't post to this one as often), so I'm always feeling conflicted about which genre to delve into next. During the Christmas season, there's no doubt in my mind regarding this; I will be reading Christmas-themed romance novels only. The rest of the year, though, things are not so easy!

There are many classic novels I have not yet read, and definitely want to do something about that! If I were to pick just one, though, it would have to be....hmmmm.....

Well, I can't pick just one, really. Indeed, there are at least two classics I would definitely like to read this coming year.

So here are my two choices!!

Since I consider myself a feminist, and am very much aware that women have frequently not been given the same status as men in literary circles, I'm a bit ashamed of the fact that I haven't read this book yet. I hereby resolve to get it read this coming year!

The only Thomas Hardy novel I've read so far is Tess of the D'Urbervilles, and I would definitely like to add more of his novels to my list of classics read! I have a thing for British 19th-century writers, after all. Of course, if I really like this novel, I will want to see the movie version. However, I always prefer to read the book first, and this one won't be the exception to that little, self-imposed rule.

Of course, these are not the only classics I would like to read this year, as I stated above. There are many others. I have never read F. Scott Fitzgerald, for instance. Ditto for Ernest Hemingway. And I also want to read Kurt Vonnegut. Then there's Sylvia Plath's The Bell Jar, Kate Chopin's The Awakening, a couple of novels by Hermann Hesse that I haven't gotten to as yet....and Les Miserables, by Victor Hugo. The two books mentioned above, though, are a good place to start, I think. 

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Kitty Maschan said...

These are both great choices! I chose Ulysses on account of the four times I've read the first chapter...and only the first chapter lol

Katherine P said...

Some how I've never read Virginia Woolf either so I think Room of One's Own is a great pick!

Brian Joseph said...

This is a great New Years resolution to have.

I have not read either one of these books. I want to read both. I also have only read Tess of the D'Urbervilles from Hardy. It was such an extraordinary book.

I have not read anything from Wolf. This seems like it is a major omission. Thus I have a lot of reading to get to myslf.

Though it is very long and does go off into a lot of tangents, I think that you will really like Les Miserables. I think that you will be very impressed with its themes and characters.

Maria Behar said...

Hi, Kitty!

I'm glad you like my picks! I have quite a long list of classics I want to read, but I figure these two are a good starting point!

How funny that you've only been able to read the first chapter of "Ulysses"! But then, that book is definitely NOT an easy read. I admire your persistence! I find it much too daunting to even attempt! Lol.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting! HAPPY NEW YEAR!! :)

Elizabeth said...

Far From The Madding Crowd is a book I know of but a book I have not read.

I am not a classic reader, but I may check it out. :)

Thanks for coming by my blog earlier, Maria.

Happy Hopping!!

Silver's Reviews
My Blog Hop Answer

Maria Behar said...

Hi, Katherine!

I know I should have read a Woolf book by now. I think this one is a great place to start! Glad you like my pick!!

Thanks for stopping by and commenting!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!! :)

Maria Behar said...

Hi, Brian!

Yes, the books I've picked are certainly very important ones! Of course, as I've stated in the post, there are SO many others I want to read!

As for "Les Miserables" I know I'll enjoy reading it. It's such an important work, I don't know how I could possibly not have read it by now....

I hope I can stick with this New Year's Resolution! Lol.

Thanks for dropping by and commenting!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! :) :) :)

Maria Behar said...

Hi, Elizabeth!

You really should try reading a classic to see how you like it I think "Far From the Madding Crowd" might prove to be very rewarding for you!

You're very welcome for my visit to your blog earlier! Thanks for commenting back!! <3 :)

Eli Oldham said...

I've also only read Tess from Thomas Hardy. I remember being in 10th grade and really not liking it. Good luck with your reading.

eli @ the (book) supplier
My Blog Hop Answer

Maria Behar said...

Hi, Eli!

Yeah, it was pretty depressing reading, and that ending.....but it's a true masterpiece, not only because of the prose style, but also because of the grat statement about wonen's rights made by Hardy.

Thanks for visiting and commenting!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!! : )

Literary Feline said...

I haven't read either of your two choices, Maria, and can't say they are high up on my list to read any time soon. I am about to start another Austen novel, which I've very much been looking forward to and have heard great things about. I would like to try something by Daphne Du Maurier this year if possible. She's an author I hadn't heard of until I started blogging. I enjoy some of the classics, but tend to gravitate more towards contemporary novels, admittedly.

I hope you are able to get to one or both of your choices before the New Year is out, Maria.

Have a happy New Year!

Maria Behar said...

Hi, Wendy!

Actually, I have many more classics I'd like to read, but for some reason, these two came to mind right away.

I also need to read more Austen novels. The only one I've read so far is "Pride and Prejudice". I'm thinking of reading either "Northanger Abbey" or "Persuasion" next. But then, I also want to read "Emma" as well as "Sense and Sensibility".... "So many books..." as Frank Zappa has so famously said! Lol.

As for Daphne Du Maurier, I've read "Rebecca", but don't love the book Yes, the prose is incredible, and the suspense is, as well. But....there's a certain plot element I'm just not comfortable with at all. I'd love to know what you think of this book, if you do read it this year.

I'm very much hoping to get to at least ONE of these two books this year!!

Hope you and your family had a WONDERFUL New Year's Eve!! And I KNOW you guys enjoyed the Harry Potter movie marathon!

Thanks for the very lovely comment!!! <3 <3 :) :)