Sunday, July 5, 2015

A New Start....

Back in January, 2012, I came to a very important decision, one that I did not take lightly. I was going to start a nonfiction blog. I had already been blogging for some time, at another blog titled A Night's Dream of Books

I had started out reviewing mostly YA Fiction, with a heavy emphasis on paranormal romance and urban fantasy. However, those are not the only genres I enjoy reading and reviewing. I also love literary fiction, Christian fiction, science fiction, and yes, nonfiction, as well. In fact, I sometimes crave one or the other of these, while at other times, I crave Young Adult Fiction. 

I originally decided to focus on nonfiction in this blog, and made a brave start, only to give up when the other blog claimed most of my time and attention. I then stopped blogging here, and returned to 'my first love', so to speak, with the intention of making it an eclectic blog.

Alas, I have since discovered that eclectic blogs don't really get that much attention, or many comments, precisely because of their eclecticism..... Besides, it's a fact of 'blogging life': the blogosphere is dominated by YA Fiction blogs. There are however, several excellent literary fiction blogs, such as that of my blogger friend, Brian, who writes very interesting, in-depth literary fiction and nonfiction reviews, over at Babbling Books. There are others, such as Jacqui, whose blog, JacquiWine's Journal, also features great literary fiction reviews.

I really want to read and review these other genres as much as I want to read and review YA paranormal romance and urban  fantasy. I also want to communicate and have blogging relationships with the literary fiction/nonfiction folks as much as I do with the YA PNR/UF folks!

I now realize that I can't have all of these genres on one blog, and expect to receive visits and/or comments from all of these different folks. Readers of YA fiction will not be interested in  books such as Wide Sargasso Sea, by Jean Rhys, or The Remains of the Day, by Kazuo Ishiguro. Nor will readers of literary fiction and nonfiction, not to mention science fiction, be interested in books such as City of Bones, by Cassandra Clare, or Angelfire, by Courtney Allison Moulton.

So I have activated this blog again, in hopes of reaching those readers of the other genres I enjoy reading and reviewing. This time, I will definitely keep them separate. Experience is a hard, unforgiving teacher, and I have certainly learned my lesson!

I look forward to enjoying my other beloved genres here, at MindSpirit Book Journeys, where I hope to bring all of you non-YA readers great, thought-provoking reviews of those genres that I, too, love, right along with you!

I'm so happy to be back, so I can share all this intellectual and spiritual fare with you!


Brian Joseph said...

Thanks so much for the mention Maria.

I have found that your commentary on both the Genre Books as what are considered to be Literary Fiction as non fiction to be uniformly outstanding.

I definitely understand the benefits of dividing your blogging into the two spheres for the reasons that you mention. It is a little bit of a pity as I do believe that all genres of fiction include good books that look into the both the human condition and the Universe at large. It seems that you successfully capture the universal appeal of many of these genre books in your commentary.

You are raise an issue that also seems universal, at least among us bloggers. That is time. I myself have thought about starting another blog where I exclusively talk about social issues. However lack of time will likely keep me from that ambition.

Good luck with your revived blog. I will be looking forward to the upcoming posts on both sites.

Brian Joseph said...

PS - I really like the design of this site. It seems to perfectly match your intent.

Maria Behar said...

Hey, Brian!

You're welcome for the mention! And thanks for the compliment on the design for this site! I thought it needed a new, improved one. I was never really satisfied with the previous one.

Now that you mention time, I'm a bit strapped for it right now, but I'll come back to comment further.

Thanks bunches for being such a loyal supporter of my blogging!! : )

Maria Behar said...

Now I'm back to reply further to your wonderful comment!

I thank you once more -- now for praising my writing on the different genres I've reviewed in the past!

I also wanted to say that you have made a very valid point regarding literary genres -- whether literary or popular. Indeed it's true that ALL genres, as you so aptly put it, "look into both the human condition and the Universe at large". Very true! They just have different approaches to the achievement of that goal.

I think that your goal of having a blog dedicated strictly to social issues is a very noble one. I heartily commend you for it! But there's the problem of time.... That's a huge problem for many of us passionate book bloggers....

Well, my basic plan for this blog is get QUALITY readers and -- hopefully! -- commenters. Not the people who will say things like "Great post! Please do visit my blog!" and leave it at that, but people who will really read my posts, and offer their own opinions in a thoughtful manner.

BTW, I noticed that you are now a GFC follower! Thank you so much!! Hope you have a GREAT week!! : )