Monday, May 9, 2016

The Cozy Book Corner No. 6: Sudden Book Love, Part II

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book-related topics.

Love at first sight, as I stated in my first post on this topic last week, can hit book lovers, as well.  Furthermore, it can be just as pleasantly surprising as it is between two human beings. 

Last week, I concentrated on one book, with which I actually fell in love, sight unseen. It was a guote from that book that actually reeled me in. It was such a beautifully-written quote, and expressed such a timeless truth, that I was struck with literary love..... You can access that post HERE.

This week, I want to explore this topic further, but from another angle: falling in love at first sight with a book cover.

All of us book bloggers have heard the old adage: "Don't judge a book by its cover." It is indeed true that some books have very beautiful covers, yet, the inside content is totally unappealing. Conversely, there are books with very ugly covers that contain breathtaking content. I am very well aware of this. Still, I do tend to get hooked by gorgeous book covers! Of course, if the plot and characters of the book -- in the case of a novel -- do not thrill me, then my love affair with the book will be very brief indeed. The same goes for nonfiction books, which, for some reason, don't seem to have covers that are immediately appealing, for the most part.

If I happen to have fallen in love with a novel (or a nonfiction book, for that matter) that has an ugly cover, then the solution is simple. I merely search for an edition with a more appealing cover, and donate the one with the ugly one to my local Goodwill store. Lol. 

In fact, I have been known to prefer buying an edition with a cover I love, even though I have to pay more, than a cheaper edition with a cover I can't stand! This is because I'm a bibliophile just as much as a bookworm!!  

Here are some books with covers that I think are GORGEOUS. I have not read all of them, but they are definitely on my mind.  I could pick one of them up at any moment.

I featured this book in my most recent Tuesday Intros post, which you can access HERE. I LOVE horses, as well as the color blue, so I fell in love with this book HARD. Not only is the cover beautiful, though, but so is  the prose style, as well as the plot.

I own this book, and really need to get to it very soon!!

I find this cover to be absolutely exquisite! The composition, the colors, the font....everything just reels me right in! This one also passes the test of having a great plot, as well as wonderful prose! It's sitting on my shelves, and I hope to be able to get to it sometime this year.....

This is another stunning horse cover! The horse is absolutely GORGEOUS! I can see that it was influenced by a drawing done by Leonardo da Vinci, interestingly enough. The overall composition is just enchanting, as the horse floats over the stormy ocean waves. 

This book is a collection of fantasy stories, all dealing with horses, hence the title. The contributors are the very BEST in fantasy writing, too: Anne McCaffrey, Jennifer Roberson, Mercedes Lackey, Judith Tarr, and others. While I don't own this treasure, I am already looking for it online. It seems to be out of print, but that won't deter me!

This cover is just breathtakingly beautiful!! Of course, it immediately reminded me of King Arthur drawing the famous sword, Excalibur, from the stone. The subject matter of this novel is books, naturally, as one can see, not only from the cover image, but also from the title. I own this one, and love the plot and writing, as well!

I absolutely ADORE this cover! In this particular case, I read the book years ago, and wanted to find an edition with a cover I could love. So I looked and looked online, until I came across the above! Not only does it have a LOT of blue in it, but is very elegantly designed. The book arrived covered in Mylar, too, which was a HUGE plus! 

This is a collection of stories written by the great SF master, Ray Bradbury, so I have more than one reason to love this book!

What are your thoughts 
on this subject?
Have you ever fallen in love
with a book at first sight?
What drew you in?
What do you think of these covers?


Brian Joseph said...

As you point out sometimes the cover does not match the quality and content of the book.

I am often drawn to science fiction and fantasy themed covers. This is likely the result of my early love for these genres.

An appealing cover can at least get me to read a synopsis.

I really love that Martian Chronicles cover. It reminds me of so many science fiction book covers that were popular when I first began to explore the science fiction sections of bookstores back in the 1980s.

Maria Behar said...

Hey, Brian!

Oh, that is SO true, sadly enough..... it doesn't always happen that cover and content are equally great.

I started reading those two genres in my late teens, and went on into my twenties. This was before I got bitten by "The Love Bug", and dropped these genres to get addicted to romance novels.... You know, I really miss reading some REALLY GOOD science fiction!

Exactly! A cover is what pulls a reader in. If that doesn't happen, the reader won't be motivated to even crack the book open.

Oh, I ADORE this cover!!! As I recounted in my post, I purposely wanted to acquire a BEAUTIFUL cover for this, one of my favorite books. When I found this one, and covered in Mylar, I just about flipped!! And I agree, it doea have kind of a retro feel to it. However, it still looks very contemporary. In short, it's a small masterpiece of book cover design!!

Thanks for stopping by and leaving such an interesting comment!! :)