Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Tuesday Intros No. 9: The Bookman's Tale, by Charlie Lovett

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or thinking about reading.

The book I've picked this week is...

 The Bookman's Tale
Charlie Lovett
Hardcover, 352 pages 
May 28, 2013
Contemporary Fiction, Historical Fiction, 
Literary Fiction, Mystery, Romance,


About the Book
A mysterious portrait ignites an antiquarian bookseller’s search through time and the works of Shakespeare for his lost love.

Hay-on-Wye, 1995. Peter Byerly isn’t sure what drew him into this particular bookshop. Nine months earlier, the death of his beloved wife, Amanda, had left him shattered. The young antiquarian bookseller relocated from North Carolina to the English countryside, hoping to rediscover the joy he once took in collecting and restoring rare books. But upon opening an eighteenth-century study of Shakespeare forgeries, Peter is shocked when a portrait of Amanda tumbles out of its pages. Of course, it isn’t really her. The watercolor is clearly Victorian. Yet the resemblance is uncanny, and Peter becomes obsessed with learning the picture’s origins.

As he follows the trail back first to the Victorian era and then to Shakespeare’s time, Peter communes with Amanda’s spirit, learns the truth about his own past, and discovers a book that might definitively prove Shakespeare was, indeed, the author of all his plays.

Guaranteed to capture the hearts of everyone who truly loves books, The Bookman’s Tale is a former bookseller’s sparkling novel and a delightful exploration of one of literature’s most tantalizing mysteries, with echoes of Carlos Ruiz Zafon's The Shadow of the Wind and A.S. Byatt’s Possession.

Hay-on-Wye, Wales, Wednesday,
February 15, 1995 

Wales could be cold in February. Even without snow or wind the damp winter air permeated Peter's topcoat and settled in his bones as he stood one of the dozens of bookshops that crowded the narrow streets of Hay. Despite the warm glow in the window that illuminated a tantalizing display of Victorian novels, Peter was in no hurry to open the door. It had been nine months since he had entered a bookshop; another few minutes wouldn't make a difference. There had been a time when this was all so familiar, so safe; when stepping into a rare bookshop had been a moment of excitement, meeting a fellow book lover a part of a grand adventure.

Peter Byerly, was, after all, a bookseller. It was the profession that had brought him to England, again and again, and the profession that brought him to Hay-on-Wye, the famous town of books just over the border in Wales, on this dreary afternoon. He had visited Hay many times before, but today was the first time he had ever come alone. 

This novel immediately caught my eye
when I saw it on Amazon recently.
I was waiting for a better price, 
when, lo and behold, 
I found it in the bargain section at
Barnes & Noble last weekend!!
At $5.98 + tax, I just couldn't
pass it up!! And I LOVE the subject
matter, of course!   
From what I've posted above, 
would you say that
I should keep reading? 


Brian Joseph said...

I had heard some good things about this book.

I really like the Shakespeare connection as well as the plot of searching for the woman in the picture.

I would keep reading this.

By the way, I also like the cove and think it would be a good one for your Shelf Candy Saturday feature.

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

This one seems like it would hold my interest; I'd try it.

Laurel-Rain Snow said...

I love anything about book obsessions...and the quest to find a specific book. Thanks for sharing, and here's mine: “THE EXCELLENT LOMBARDS”

Maria Behar said...

Hi, Brian!

I've heard good things about this book, as well. The plot is absolutely fascinating!! Anything to do with Shakespeare will definitely catch my interest! And, of course, I want to find out more about the mysterious portrait.

I might put this cover up on Shelf Candy Saturday, but then, I try to post YA covers, since A NIGHT'S DREAM OF BOOKS is a YA blog. But I'll think about it!

Thanks for the comment!! :)

Maria Behar said...

Hi, Diane!

This certainly sounds like fascinating book! I will definitely keep reading!

Thanks for commenting back!! : )

Maria Behar said...

Hi, Laurel!

I, too, love books about books, especially when there's book obsession!! And this sure sounds like an intriguing mystery!!

You're very welcome for the share! Thanks for commenting!! :)

Share my Garden said...

Mmm, I SHOULD love this book because I know Hay-on-Wye well, it's always such a treat to visit, a book browser's delight. But I don't particularity engage with the writer's style, I would have to read a little more before making up my mind.
Miss Cellany.

Juli Witte said...

Ok so Shakespeare and antique books means you've got me hooked from the start!! And how amazing that you found it at B&N for less. I love finding books I wanted in bargain sections, it's like the literary gods are telling you it's fate that you read it! Thanks for sharing :) I hope you have a great next week!
My Tuesday Post
Juli @ Universe in Words

Heather Fineisen said...

I enjoyed this book so I have to say keep reading. Hope you like it.

Beth F said...

Sounds good, but I think I'd need to read a little more to be sure.

Maria Behar said...

Hi, Miss Cellany!

I think you should give this book a chance. It's a novel dealing with books, and even includes something about Shakespeare. I'm VERY intrigued! I know I'll love it!

Thanks for commenting!! :)

Maria Behar said...

Hi, Juli!

Yeah, Shakespeare and antique books sure are an AWESOME combination! And I can't believe I got this book for such a GREAT price! I think it IS fate that I should read this book! I know I'm going to LOVE it!!

You're very welcome for the share! Thanks for dropping by!! :)

Maria Behar said...

Hi, Heather! I'm glad you enjoyed this book. I think I will, too! Thanks for commenting!! :)

Maria Behar said...

Hi, Beth! I'm really intrigued by this book. I will definitely keep reading! Thanks for stopping by!! :)